Dirt Moving Equipment Training
In Pennsylvania

Dirt Moving Equipment Course Package Description

This Dirt Moving Equipment training package covers the safe use and operation of the below listed machines, as required by OSHA, Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE), and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The course curriculum combines a plethora of training, such as formal instruction, practical training and learning, and assessing the operators performance in the workplace and with the equipment.

Fast Line Safety Training delivers high-quality, hands-on training at your location, and provides the industry's preferred operator card.


Fast Line Safety Training trains operators in the safe use and operation of the following equipment in this package:

  • Large Excavator
  • Mini Excavator
  • Backhoe Loader
  • Skid Steer Loader
  • Front End Wheel Loader
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Individuals $595.00

per person



We specialize in private classes. Inquire about setting up a private class for your team and ask about group discounts.

Course Highlights

Course Duration

4 Hours

Course Sessions
1 Sessions

English, Spanish

Training Type

Onsite Training

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    The Preferred Equipment Operator Card

    • Fast Line Safety Training issues face ID cards to students that complete the course, which are equipped with NFC technology.
    • Students that satisfactorily complete the course are issued temporary cards on-site
    • Completion cards are valid for three years and in all 50 states.
    • We are the only providers issuing such permanent cards
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    Course Policy

    Students must earn a 75% or more on their final evaluation to successfully complete the training. Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities in both the written and practical portions of the training. Make-up time is not allowed.
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    Simply scan the QR code on your card with your smartphone to verify your training. See an example of what you see after scanning the QR code:

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      No. 4L06 | WBE/DBE Certified
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    Fast Line Safety Training is proud to offer this certification across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Explore the links below to discover more about this certification in other areas:

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    Dirt Moving Equipment Training in Pennsylvania



    • Backhoe Loader
    • Course Overview
    • Regulations and Standards
    • Requirements & Recommendations
    • Parts
    • Rollover Protective Structure
    • Controls
    • Safety Devices
    • Safety Decals
    • Operating Safely
    • Operating Techniques
    • Using a Site Gauge
    • Using Backhoe Bucket
    • Trenching
    • Moving with Backhoe
    • Filling the Loader Bucket
    • Grading with the Loader
    • Backfilling with the Loader
    • Truck Loading
    • The Float Position
    • Brakes - Stopping & Steering
    • Don't get Crushed
    • Danger Swing Area
    • The Cab & Seatbelt
    • Stability Affecting Factors
    • Grade & Slope
    • Ground Composition
    • Operating in Water
    • Operators Factors
    • Center of Gravity
    • Backhoe Stabilizing
    • Leader Stability
    • Lifting Objects
    • Capacity Lifting
    • Maintenance
    • Exhaust Hazard
    • 10hr & Daily Loader Lubrication
    • Extendable Axles
    • Tires
    • Tracks
    • Articulated vs. Telescopic
    • Stability Characteristics
    • Stability Theory
    • Motion
    • Turret Rotation
    • Horizontal & Vertical Extension
    • Relocating
    • Safe Travel Speed
    • Oscillating Axles
    • MEWP Load Capacity
    • Restricted vs. Unrestricted Load Capacity
    • Fall Protection
    • Exiting (or Entering) a MEWP at Height
    • Rescue Plan
    • Auxiliary/Emergency Lowering System
    Fast Line Safety Training trangle shape
    Fast Line Safety Training trangle shape
    • Workplace Inspection
    • Energized Power Lines
    • Wind Speed
    • Annual & Frequent Inspection
    • Pre-Use Inspection
    • Pothole Protectors
    • Outriggers
    • Approved MEWP Attachments
    • Loading Truck Trailers
    • Power Source Safety
    • Refueling a Propane Powered MEWP
    • Charging Batteries
    • MEWP Don’ts
    • MEWP & Pedestrians
    • Entanglement
    • Misuse as a Crane
    • Results of an Accident
    • Parking & Shutdown
    • Mounting & Dismounting