6-HR SST Prescribed SST Course Package

16-Hour SST Supervisor Refresher Package

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16 Hours

Individual Courses Fast Line Safety Training

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2 Sessions

Individual Courses in Fast Line Safety Training


English, Spanish

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Onsite Training

Course Details

This package offers four NYC Department of Buildings-Approved SST courses including 16 hours of required training that can be applied to renew their SST Supervisor card. These are the awareness level courses only and do not provide any other qualifications or authorization outside of the Site Safety Training Card. This package includes:
– 8-Hour Fall Prevention (SST-307)
– 4-Hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher (SCA-201)
– 2-Hour Tool Box Talks (SST-304)
– 2-Hour Pre-Task Meetings (SST-303)
To renew your current SST card, you must take this package within one year of the expiration date on your current SST card. Fast Line Safety Training verifies prior training documentation to ensure the student has fulfilled all training requirements.



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We specialize in private classes. Inquire about setting up a private class for your team and ask about group discounts .

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Additional Details

NYC DOB Requirement: 
Local Law 196 of 2017 requires certain Workers and Supervisors to receive safety training at construction sites that are required to designate a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator, or Site Safety Manager. By September 1, 2020, supervisors will need a total of 62 hours of training to qualify for a Site Safety Training (SST) card. To renew SST cards, workers must complete sixteen hours of refresher training by completing this 16-Hour package. 
8-Hour Fall Prevention: 0.8
4-Hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher: 0.4
2-Hour Tool Box Talks: 0.2
2-Hour Pre-Task Meetings: 0.2


To earn a certificate of completion and a permanent card, student must do the following:

100% attendance for the 16-Hour SST Supervisor Refresher Package: 16 hours of total instruction time
Completion of Continuing Education and Training Registration Form
Active participation in all class exercises (determined by instructor)
Completion of required quiz assessment
As applicable, achievement of minimum passing score (70%) on required end-of-course examination
Participation and submittal of end-of-course evaluation form (must provide name on form to receive credit)
Make up time is not allowed. Students who miss time from any individual session must reschedule and attend the full training course.

PREREQUISITE: This course package is appropriate for individuals who meet the qualifications of a Worker or Supervisor under Local Law 196. For more information on Local Law 196, click here. Participants need to be able to communicate with the instructor in the language the course is held in. For this package, students must be within one year of the expiration date of their current SST card to renew it.


8-Hour Fall Prevention (SST-307)
– Understand the statistics of fatal fall and how they are the most common cause of death in construction
– Understand competent persons responsibilities
– Describe Types of fall Hazards
– Understand the equation force = Mass x Acceleration
4-Hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher (SCA-201)
– List supported scaffold types and its major components
– Identify the most common supported scaffold safety hazards
– Protect themselves from supported scaffold safety hazards
2-Hour Tool Box Talks (SST-304)
– Explain who should provide toolbox talks and the role and responsibilities
– Explain Components of a Toolbox Talk
– Understand adult learning and how to hold attention
2-Hour Pre-Task Meetings (SST-303)
– Explain the necessity of a pre-task meeting
– Understand the components of a pre-task meeting
– Understand when to perform a pre-task meeting
A plethora of methods will be used, such as auditory and visual methods to ensure learning. This includes the program’s PowerPoint, related lectures, testing, and classroom discussions.